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Developing Relationships Beyond Stigma

By Sabrina Elzbir

Myrtle Beach, Cabo, Cancun, Costa Rica: these were the places I saw in pictures of friends on their spring break trips. It was the first spring break where I had decided not to go home, and as enticing as it seemed to plan a fabulous spring vacation soaking up the sun, I decided to do something different with the time off and go on an alternative spring break trip with Branch Out. There were a couple of things I knew for certain before I decided to spend my spring break in Baltimore, Maryland: I was going to learn about something I knew nothing about and meet other people I (most likely) would have never met before. But what happened during this one week was much more.

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Co-ops are inspirational centers of community building and food assistance

Atlanta, Georgia is a beautiful city and I was lucky enough to spend a week there through my Branch Out National alternative break, volunteering and learning about the issue of hunger on the national and international scale. Of all the places we visited the Georgia Avenue Food Co-op was the most inspirational. During our pre-trip orientation meetings, we learned about the problems with international food aid and the embarrassment associated with receiving low income food. This information became real to me on the trip.

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