Cross-Cultural Conversations in Haiti

by Cristyn Filla Hello, my name is Cristyn Filla. I am a junior at the College of William and Mary and a member of the WM Haiti Compact team. I am an anthropology major and plan on joining the Peace Corps after graduation.

Reflections on Water in El Portillo, Nicaragua

by Rachel Brown As the sun started its graceful descent into the Nicaraguan sky, the people of El Portillo, the community in which my service team and I were living that week, began to gather on the main road for a protest. They started very small fires on the road to prevent a government official

The Spirit of Service in Haiti

by Connor Kennedy This winter I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a portion of my break on a Branch Out International Trip to Cap Haitien, Haiti. It is an experience I will never forget. I have known that I hope to one day work in international development for quite some time now.

Don’t Let Financial Concerns Stop You

While discussing my work with some friends over dinner last night, one of them asked the first question that often comes to mind when we talk about alternative breaks: “How do students pay for these trips? They must be expensive, right?”

Laredo to Williamsburg, The Habitat Project

by Amanda Wells After an educational, and eye-opening trip to Laredo, Texas, our service group returned to Williamsburg, Virginia. In Laredo we did our best to assist with a house build in a Mexican and Mexican-American community. Back in Williamsburg, we continued to work with Habitat for Humanity through the Williamsburg ReStore. ReStore allows families

My Spring Break in Kilmarnock, Virginia

by Kanako Matsuda My spring break started on a warm Sunday morning, as my team and I gathered in front of Sadler Center to be picked up. After packing our luggage expertly into the crowded van, we were off on the road for the next hour. When we arrived at Kilmarnock, Virginia, I was eager

Greenhouse Powerhouse

by Tattiana Bamba Before going on my Branch Out trip I was a little apprehensive: I didn’t know anything about sustainable farming!  After two days of hard labor in freezing temperatures I was less than impressed to say the least.  But then there was a break in the storm, literally, and I started to realize

Be a Humanizing Force

by Charlotte Mabon One of my favorite TED talks is given by feminist author Courtney Martin.  When I’m a little low or feeling stretched too thin, I will watch the short talk for a quick pick-me-up.  I remember the first time I watched this talk.  I remember sitting on my bed in the Units (yes

Mountaintop Removal and Appalachian Justice

Active Citizens Celebration Student Speaker

by Erin Faltermeier April 2014 When I was in high school, I volunteered. There were afternoons spent picking weeds out of community gardens, tutoring young kids. I did so because I wanted to be a good person, I wanted to help out, I wanted to get into college. Looking back now I can see that