Web Resources

Bridging the Gap,” a student-produced five minute video about the wage gap that appears when minimum-wage workers who earn higher wages experience a decrease in spending power. From Gettysburg College.

Spent,” an excellent exercise that illustrates difficult choices people with low incomes face in allocating resources and making ends meet


“Amber Waves of Green: The Surprising Truths About Income Inequality in America,” Jon Ronson, GQ July 2012. From the article:  Guess what, compatriots? The gap between  the richest and the poorest among us is now wider than it has been since we all nose-dived into the  Great Depression. So GQ sent Jon Ronson on a journey into the secret financial lives of six different people on the ladder, from a guy washing dishes for 200 bucks a week in Miami to a self-storage gazillionaire. What he found are some surprising truths about class, money, and making it in America.

Welfare Limits Left Poor Adrift as Recession Hit – NYTimes, April 2012