Articles and Written Resources

I’m Not a ‘Person with a Disability;’ I’m a Disabled Person,” Lisa Egan,

Ten Commandments of Communication with People with Disabilities

We’re not here for your inspiration – Blog – ABC Ramp Up (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Disability Etiquette, Judy Cohen


Service-Learning_ A Disservice to People with Disabilities

Aqua Booties, Size Six

Alternative Break Citizenship Schools resource from Break Away, 2009

Info on People with Disabilities, prepared for 7 Generations by Allison Anoll and Timmy Siverd, 2010

Group Builders

GroupBuilder Students with Disabilities

TV Shows

30 Days in a Wheelchair, from the F/X series, “30 Days”

“Escap” from the HBO Series “This American Life” (available via: Netflix Instant), aired 5/4/08

mp3’s and articles from National Public Radio

Youth in Nursing Homes Seek Alternative Care

Monica and David, Building a Life on Their Terms

Low-Income Minorities with Disabilities See Disparity in Services

Families Fight to Care for Disabled Kids at Home

Benefits for Severely Disabled Children Scrutinized

Attitudes Towards the Intellectually Disabled

On Halloween, Celebrating Differences of All Types


Murderball, 2005