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Medical Relief in Nicaragua

by Daniel Gildea This winter, I went on a medical relief trip to two different impoverished communities in Nicaragua. We stayed in a hotel in Managua, the capital, which was great, though we could not drink the water and used bottled water for brushing our teeth due to parasites. The first community we went to

BON: Big Cypress National Preserve

by Bryan Banning Big Cypress National Preserve Branch Out Trip (January 2016) The Branch Out trip to Big Cypress National Preserve focused on environmental protection. Before the area was federally owned and protected as a National Preserve, it was a swamp, home to indig​enous Indian tribes and countless Cypress trees, birds, and gators among other flora and

Relationship Before Service

by Dahanah Josias Sejour This January I had the opportunity to spend a week in Cap Haitien, Haiti where we spent most of our time working at a school in the town of Cima. I will admit that I was not sure what to expect before going – I was excited, for after leaving Haiti

A Conversation in The Healing Place

by Korkor Koppoe This spring break I had the opportunity to spend a week in Richmond, VA (oh so far away!) and worked with the Fan Free Clinic. I must admit, the first few days were rough. I realized that I went into this experience with the wrong ideas about what we were going to

Finding Focus with Outreach 360

by Rachel Warner It is hard to put into words the experience I had in Nicaragua with Outreach 360 because it was such a positive one.  Not only did I make a difference in the lives of people in the community, but they continue to have an impact on me.  Outreach 360 is an extra-curricular

Bridges to Community: Returning to El Portillo

Allison Prell and Cate Johnson share about their experience on their second Branch Out International alternative break to El Portillo, Nicaragua with Bridges to Community.


Building a Stronger Community

by Ellery Lea In March, I spent a week in South Carolina working on a Habitat for Humanity site over spring break. I traveled with eleven other William & Mary students to the Charleston area where we helped refurbish a home and worked in the ReStore. Some of the work we did on site included

Relating Service to Studies in Haiti

by Ayala Maurice This year’s Branch out trip to Cap Haitien was truly amazing. It’s so difficult to describe in words how much the experience impacted my view of the world and the role that the government and organizations play in it. We were greeted warmly by the teachers and students and taken in as

#Outreach360 – Release the Hero Within

by Allison Shomaker My week working with Outreach360 in Jinotega, Nicaragua was one of the best. We flew into the capital, Managua, and took a two hour long bus ride through the mountains to Jinotega. The NGO we were working with was amazing. Outreach360 had everything planned perfectly. We spent the first day adjusting and

Cross-Cultural Conversations in Haiti

by Cristyn Filla Hello, my name is Cristyn Filla. I am a junior at the College of William and Mary and a member of the WM Haiti Compact team. I am an anthropology major and plan on joining the Peace Corps after graduation.