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Standing Up for What Needs to Change

Earlier this week, I joined several other of my fellow W&M students by the Crim Dell Bridge to take a stand for social issues that need attention. We literally took a stand; Now I can say that I know what it’s like to be the person staring you down from on top of a small

What I’ve gotten out of being involved with organizations on campus like Amnesty and Oxfam, AKA: Not Bad, for an Undergrad

Why spend so much time on these organizations? Why are they important to you? Why do you believe you are making a difference?

5 Things to Know About Immigration Reform in 2013

1) Both Congress and the President are promising “tough but fair measures.” Yet, the tough policy proposals that are currently at play are not so fair. Consider this infographic from the folks at Color Lines on Eight Ways to Shrink Immigration Reform:

Drop the I-Word

People-first language is a concept which I learned about only recently on my journey to active citizenship. For those of you who haven’t been introduced to the idea, using people-first language is the act of putting someone’s personhood before any other characteristics you’re using to identify them. For example, saying “people with disabilities” instead of “disabled people” is using people-first