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What I’ve gotten out of being involved with organizations on campus like Amnesty and Oxfam, AKA: Not Bad, for an Undergrad

Why spend so much time on these organizations? Why are they important to you? Why do you believe you are making a difference?

Nic Martinez: Passing on the Spirit of Service

OCE Community Profile Series By Graham Bryant ’13 | July 30, 2013 When you think of the qualities and dedication exemplified by William & Mary’s many active citizen service-learners, the image you conjure is inevitably one of someone like Nic Martinez ’14. As president of the College’s Nu Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a

Why I Would Work in a KIPP School in Rural NC

By Mary Grech          I’ve know that I wanted to be I teacher since I was in the second grade. Now I am almost ready to start looking for my first teaching job. I will be graduating next May with a BA in Anthropology, a minor in History, and a strong interest in education inequality

Living as an active citizen

Carine Zhang’s tumblr about her experience working on affordable housing in Mt. Pleasant, SC also touches on the importance of active citizenship.