The Site Leaders from Branch Out National finished up the last round of our training this past weekend in Lynchburg, VA.  We spent the evening discussing the impact of privilege on our society and how we can use our alternative breaks to promote social justice in society and for the communities with whom we work.  We closed the evening with some fun games and a viewing of “Fresh,” to complement the issue education we had in the vans on the way to Lynchburg.

The next morning, we rose bright & early to a cold, rainy day!  We headed to Lynchburg Grows, which is quickly becoming a long-term partner.  Scott Lowman gave us a tour of the entire operation (including worms and Princess the Goat, of course) and we got going on our tasks for the day. We spent the morning in one of the greenhouses, evening soil and tearing down cinder block from the old beds to allow for a wider path to be built, so that all people (including those who use wheelchairs) can access the beds in the greenhouse.  Forming an assembly line to pass the cinder blocks made the work go quickly and also made it more fun!

That afternoon, we amended rose bushes that the Grows will be selling to support their programs.  We removed old leaves, pulled them from their pots, and added fresh compost so they will be happy as they grow this spring.

All in all, a fun day of hard work (as you can see).  We are proud of our Site Leaders for their energy, commitment to social justice, and the way they will lead by example on their alternative breaks this March!